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No need to register now, please do just turn up on the day to anything you want to come to!

We won't be on email much right now, so please call us on 07448730561 if you have any questions (this phone will be on the reception at The Spark!.                                                    You can sign up to our mailing list for general updates.

THE SPARK: 16 - 21 JUNE 2014

Lunch at 1.30 pm and dinner at 6pm will be served every day, pay by donation.

The Personal is Still Political: Occupy Your Body



This workshop explores women’s relationship with our bodies in the context of media, capitalism, food and family.


It contains a lively mix of discussion, creative activism and performance

art. It creates a space in which we can exchange, be entertained, and

formulate ideas for change, in a world where too often other people make our bodies their business.


Anyone who is interested, of all genders, is welcome, suitable for ages from 16 upward.


AnyBody UK, convened by activist and writer Susie Orbach, campaigns and creates art interventions on the topic of body politics, body anxiety, and the exploitation and mis-representations of women’s bodies in our culture.


You can find out more about our workshops and past programmes at

www.shapeyourculture.org.uk, or browse our local-global website: www.london.endangeredbodies.organd our blog: www.any-body.org.


Watch: AnyBody member Amy Godfrey’s art intervention with Meat and Two Veg on the tube: www.vimeo.com/40353045



Strategies for solving the housing crisis




Property prices are rising so fast in London that the average house now “earns” more than the average household. Meanwhile, benefit cuts and rising rents are forcing people out of their homes, into unfamiliar neighbourhoods, overcrowded accommodation, or deeper into debt.


This event will introduce solutions and strategies for resistance, and offer the opportunity to brainstorm, network and discuss.


We kick off at 6:30pm with a colourful presentation from Jasmin and Hannah of Focus on the Future - an inspiring campaign for decent and secure social housing led by a group of young, homeless mothers facing eviction from Focus E15, a rundown temporary hostel for homeless young people. Also speaking:


Anna Minton, author of Ground Control, will introduce measures to tackle speculation and land-hoarding, such as a Land Value Tax

Stephen Hill, community housing expert and activist who has recently returned from a tour of US urban Community Land Trusts, will outline the role and potential for mutual, cooperative and self-build housing projects.


Seb Klier of Generation Rent will make the case for tougher regulation of private landlords.

Duncan Stott of Priced out will explain why we need to regulate mortgage lending, scrap Help to Buy, and help households out of negative equity


Eileen Short of Defend Council Housing will summarise why we need to resist benefit cuts and why we need public sector investment and leadership for affordable housing-building


The second half of the event will get everyone involved brainstorming obstacles and opportunities in World Cafe style groups.


No need to register for evening sessions.


E15 mothers, and Radical Housing Network (a network of groups fighting for housing justice, launched in London 2013)

Criminalising Black Communities



What needs to be done to address the injustices faced by black people who come in contact with the British justice system?


How do we fight the institutional racism driving the disproportionate numbers of black people who are: stopped and searched, detained under the Mental Health Act, Tasered, given harsher court sentences and die in state detention and police custody?


Is the criminalising of Briton's black communities through the media  part of the reason for the lack of accountability for these 'crimes by agents of the state'.?


We will explore these issues through a short film - Viewed With  Suspicion - talks, and a group discussion.


Just for Kids Law will be showing, for the first time, their new short animation about your rights under Stop and Search: http://www.justforkidslaw.org/


No need to register for evening sessions.


Speakers from Stop Watch; Newham Monitoring Project; Matilda MacAttram from Black Mental Health UK; and Shareefa Energy- Spoken word artist and youth and community activist.

Resisting immigration raids



Immigration raids are happening every day in London, targeting people on the street, in their workplaces, and in their homes; yet they are also increasingly being met with resistance.


This workshop will give an overview of immigration raids and checks,

deliver practical ideas on what we can do when confronted with a raid, and provide a space to discuss strategies for building a culture of resistanceto immigration controls.




Anti-raids network

The Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations and Global Justice: Where are things at and where do we go from here!



A Participatory Workshop by Esther Stanford-Xosei and Kofi Mawuli Klu


Esther and Kofi will take us beyond the usual discourse about theories on the deservedness of reparations for Afrikans and People of Afrikan Descent, to how reparations has been envisioned and are currently being advocated for in practice and how the struggle for Afrikan reparations links to all other peoples’ reparations movements for enslavement, colonialism or neo-colonialism.


Their workshop covers:

· What are reparations? social, cultural, physical, psychological, legal, financial?

· What is the Afrikan case for reparation?

· Which other peoples have secured some form of redress by way of reparations and has it been sufficient?

· What are the goals of the Global Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations?

· Who benefits from reparations and how?

· What can you do to build and support the Afrikan as well as International Reparations Movement?


This workshop is aimed at Social and global justice campaigners, human rights activists, community, youth and development workers as well as those with an interest in human and peoples rights struggles, class and national struggles in social movement-building, Pan-Afrikanism, Afrikan Diaspora Studies and Decolonisation Studies.


By attending this workshop you will:


· Be more knowledgeable about the cause of reparations

· Have a greater understanding of the goals of the Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations within and beyond the UK

· Find out what you can do to support the Reparations Movement


Finishes at 5.30.




Esther Stanford-Xosei is a Reparations legal expert and PhD research student in history at the University of Chichester in England. Her research focuses on the history of the UK based Social Movement for African Reparations (SMAR). Esther also serves as the Co-Vice Chair of PARCOE, the Pan Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe and Co-Chair of the UK based Interim National Afrikan Peoples Parliament (iNAPP).


Kofi Mawuli Klu is a Jurisconsult specialising in the Praxis of Law as Resistance in Community Advocacy. He is also the Chief Executive Commissioner of PANAFRIINDABA, a grassroots Pan-Afrikan Community Advocacy, Research and Think Tank. His practice also extends into doing mainly pro bono work as a Co-Vice-Chair of PARCOE. Kofi also serves as the Joint Coordinator of the Global Justice Forum (GJF).

Can I touch your hair?

A workshop on tackling day-to-day racism and sexism (and other oppressions) for women of colour.


WE'RE SORRY THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL - but, if you want to be on the waiting list please email maddy@jubileedebt.org.uk


All other workshops you can just turn up for!


Structural racism and sexism spring up on women of colour in every-day occurrences (sometimes called 'microaggressions') - from strangers seeming surprised at how well we speak English ... to being patronised or overlooked by colleagues... to friends responding with anger and defensiveness when we talk about racism, sexism, homophobia, able-ism or other oppressions.


Sometimes we respond in ways which leave us feeling effective, standing tall and proud of ourselves. Sometimes, we leave the situation feeling frustrated, hurt, small and emotionally drained. Sometimes we even feel guilty!


This is a workshop to share stories, build solidarity and look at what we ourselves can do in the moment to change the situation. The issues are serious, but come prepared for playfulness and laughter too! The aim is for each of us to leave feeling energised and more ready to experiment in new ways, next time we face a 'microaggression' at work, with friends or acquaintances.



This workshop aims to create a safe space for self-identifying Women of Colour to share our own experiences of racism, sexism and other oppressions.


'Women of colour' is a political term originating in the US (see this).

Other terms used in the UK can include Black women and BAMER women (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee women).

This includes trans women.




Facilitated by Shilpa Shah. Shilpa is a Black feminist, an activist and trainer focussed on creative and inclusive community empowerment work.

The Spark Sings!



Protest movements across the world sing to support their activism. Singing together builds confidence and connection in a group. And it's great for self-care; singing can relax tense muscles and give your heart and soul a lift.


In this session, we will:


- Do gentle physical and vocal exercises to warm up our voices and learn some simple vocal technique

- Sing simple songs from around the world, related to struggles for social justice and building community. The songs will be taught by ear and we will experiment with different parts and harmonies.

- Have a lot of fun


Everyone welcome, especially you bathroom-only singers out there. No singing experience is necessary.


No need to register for evening sessions.



Led by Shilpa Shah, who is passionate about community empowerment through singing together.  See www.myheartsings.co.uk and Facebook for more.


'I wish I could be like a bird in the sky, how sweet it would be if I found I could fly. I’d soar to the sun and look down at the sea and I’d sing cos I know how it feels to be free'

– Nina Simone